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  Selective racking system is the most commonly used heavy duty rack. It gives enterprises many advantages that other types of racking do not have. However, this system may not be the optimal storage solution for your business. To get the right choice, you have to learn about  what is selective racking  and its characteristics. Tan Phuong Phat will help you through the following article. What is Selective pallet racking ? Selective rack is a type of heavy duty rack and designed products through pallets. Goods are moved, loaded and loaded by forklifts. This system is commonly used in many industries and can withstand harsh storage conditions such as cold storage with a temperature of -60 0 C. Advantages of Selective racking Selective rack can store a variety of goods with different specifications and sizes. Its design is flexible and can be changed according to products, so your warehouse's storage capacity is significantly improved. Forklifts can directly access to individual palle